Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christmas is finally all wrapped up ...

This is one of my favourite pictures included in the book.

Today I finally sent my mum her Christmas present! I know, I know! It's late late late. But I do have a couple of excuses... You see, I created, what I hope my mother thinks is, a beautiful photo book commemorating the first year of Kaya's life. Except for the “Christmas” and “1st Birthday” pages, the entire book was finished by the beginning of December. And I'm pretty proud of that achievement, I must say! I just had to wait for Kaya to finish his first year in order to complete the book. Well, that happened on 7th January. Yes, I realise it's now the end of February, but that's only the first excuse for my tardiness. The second excuse was the waiting for friends to forward their pictures of his first birthday party. I knew there were some excellent shots out there and I wanted to include them in the book. Unfortunately this took a couple of weeks. But today I inserted the best of these pictures into the book, executed a few minor corrections in font and image size and double checked the overall design layout. And Wahlah! Done! Not bad, not bad at all. Even if I do say so myself.

If you're ever stuck for a unique and special gift for someone, and you have some spare creative minutes up your sleeve, why not make a photo book? It was heaps of fun to do. The website I used was Image. Have a look and tell me what you think. This is not the last photobook I plan to make. Afterall, I have the other grandparents to think about.


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