Monday, July 11, 2011

2 and 1/2

You're 2 and 1/2.  A big boy now!

You are

so clever
so able
so dextrous
so agile
so intelligent
so aware
so understanding
so inquisitive
so imaginative 
so gentle
so careful
so loveable
such a quick learner
such a great imitator
such a comedian

You can

Use a hammer, screwdriver, drill and knife properly and by yourself.
Pour drinks and carry full cups without spilling any.
Sing (my favourite is "How I Dinkle Dars")
Draw and paint (although you don't really like painting and prefer to draw on the walls or lounge chair than on paper.... But you always tell me when you do so and watch as I clean it up afterwards)
Count up to 5 things (in English and Turkish)
Put your shoes on by yourself.
Get your own way with merely a twinkle of your eye!

You love

Using tools - drilling holes, hammering nails into wood, screwing things back together.
Your Dede, and cry every morning when he leaves for work, then squeal and jump up and down in excitement when he comes home.
Your "mummy-mama"! (nursing)
To be read to.
Reading, especially toy catalogues.
Animals, and you are always so gentle with them.
To make up new words for songs (eg. "mashed banana" instead of "mashed potato") and to act out your new words (mashing the imaginary banana in your hands and wiping said banana on your pants.)
Helping to cook dinner, especially peeling and chopping.
Helping with the housework, especially when it involves water.
Washing windows (sometimes with a broom dipped in a mud puddle...)
Playing with water - in the shower, in the pool, at the beach, in puddles, falling from the sky.
Making mud pies, especially cherry flavoured.
Going for walks around the neighbourhood.
Having friends over to play with, especially older boys.
Kisses, cuddles and snuggles, especially from mummy.

You don't like

To dance ... but love ordering mummy to dance around you.
Loud noises, like lawnmowers or jackhammers and need to be in mummy's arms when you hear them.
Going to bed at night.
The guy who sprays the weeds next door, and you cry with a fear I can feel radiate through your little body whenever you see him with the spray-pack on his back.
Touching worms.

You love to eat

Everything we offer but only a little bit at a time.
Sweets! Any kind of sweets!
Muhklama (a traditional Black Sea dish of melted aged cheese).
Plain homemade yoghurt
Fresh fruit straight from the tree.
Fresh veges straight from the garden.
Carob in the pod.
Natural licorice sticks (the actual herb).

You don't like to eat

Egg yolk.


Invite anyone and everyone over to your house to play with your toys.
Love meeting new people and always remember their names.
Tell everyone your full name (first name, middle name, last name) when they ask.
Always take your time on the toilet and insist on mummy being with you the entire time while you chatter chatter chatter chatter without stop.
Sometimes get very angry and frustrated when an adult won't give you what you need or want or stops you from doing something you're doing, but you are very quickly and easily consoled with simply a cuddle and some words of explanation and understanding.

Kaya, we are absolutely, unquestionably, head-over-heels, punch-in-the-guts, ecstatically, painfully, breathlessly in love with you.  


Katie said... [Reply]

He is so lucky to be so loved but in saying that - it sounds like he gives that love back 1000 fold!

Colette said... [Reply]

@Katie Yes he certainly does, Katie. Nothing melts my heart more than hearing him say, "I LUFF you, mummy".

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Dearest Colette, I love everything about this blog: Kaya, the words, the photos... there is so much love. We miss you all xxx Linny and Nik

Colette said... [Reply]

@Anonymous We miss you too and can't wait to see you. Not long now!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Stumbled upon this post.. I am as you know quite hopeless at keeping up with the ones I love most. I Love the way you write
love rinny x

Colette said... [Reply]

@AnonymousThanks for your comment Rinny. I've been quite hopeless at looking at your website too - but I know I'm not missing much because you're not the most regular blogger are you :P