Saturday, January 23, 2010

Introducing ...

For more than 10 years I've been floating along on the wind of life through many parts of the world. I've experienced so many memorable moments and always tried to treat all my senses generously. My life has been so ... full! For me, every new experience becomes so much more enjoyable when shared with those I love. Of course I've tried to share my life with family and friends through emails and more recently, Facebook. But sometimes life blows me along so quickly that I realise too late that I've neglected to send an email to a good friend for much too long, or I've been unable to adequately describe an experience with words alone, or I've be unable to attach photos due to internet connection problems and ended up losing all that I'd already written. We've all suffered through internet/connection/email difficulties, I know you understand the frustration I'm talking about. And I do feel frustrated that I haven't adequately recorded my experiences to share with you.

Then along came Kaya. Since he was born, the wind of my life has become a cyclone of so many more unexpected, wonderful, incredible and beautiful moments, experienced through the eyes of our little angel. I'm enjoying life with this little one so very much and now more than ever before I want to share our experiences with you more comprehensively, in an organised and visual way.

So, here I introduce "Passionately Life" - a blog about my most exciting and most challenging adventure yet; growing a family!


Kalista said... [Reply]

Very cool.. I shall check it out when ever i get the chance.. To lazy to start my own.. maybe when i head off i'l have a reason to start one of my own. Love you sis. xoxox

Colette said... [Reply]

thanks Chugen! Yep, travelling will be a great excuse for you to start a blog. BTW don't forget to join this blog :-) I need to increase my following!