Sunday, March 27, 2011


After my last post, I've been feeling so inspired to blog.  More so than every before.  However, each time I attempted to access my blog (except for today)  I was confronted with these bold red letters:

Bu siteye erisim mahkeme karariyla engellenmistir.

Which tell me that my blog has been blocked by order of the court!

I realise since beginning my blog I've offended some people, but did I also offend the nation of Turkey to the extent that the government had to block my blog?  Or perhaps it was because of my use of the v-word in one of my more recent posts ... you know the one!  That word pertaining to a certain lady part.  Seriously, who knows the reason.  In fact, I don't think my blog was special, I believe all blogger websites were actually banned.  Every day I come across websites and blogs in particular that have been blocked from public access here in Turkey.  For a supposedly democratic society, for me it's interesting how people's opinions, thoughts and ideas, which are not in line with the government's thinking are erased, deleted or blocked (like my website).  Thankfully, unlike many unlucky individuals here, I have not been arrested ... yet ...  I have a lot of thoughts about this and similar topics but I fear this blog is not the place to voice my opinions...  

I don't want to get all political anyway.  I just wanted to let you know why I hadn't posted anything recently.

Hopefully my blog will stay accessible and I'll be free to write more blogs more regularly.