Monday, March 28, 2011


The littlest member of our family just loves to sing.  Often he sings new words he learns during the day.  But lately he loves to sing a little song he calls "Jungle Dars".  He got his inspiration from his (latest) two most favourite songs:

This one:

And this one:

Ky's version goes a little bit like this:
     jungle dars
     jungle dars
     jungle jungle dars
     jungle dars

The lyrics may not be particularly deep and meaningful, but the melody is just beautiful.  To me, my little angel's lovely lilting voice really does sound like that of an angel.  I could listen to him all day long.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Does he wake up Jeff? Macy loves Jeff.

Colette said... [Reply]


Actually, I just realised that we haven't downloaded that song yet. How could I have missed it?!?!? I'll show it to him tomorrow and see how he likes it :)