Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot as Hell

Remember when I recently described how idyllic it was living the village life here at the "lojman" ... well life is not so idyllic lately with the mercury sitting above 40 degrees (celcius, that is)!  Antalya is always hot this time of year but right now we're experiencing record temperature highs.  And it's a sweaty, dripping, suffocating kind of heat.  A wet-towel-over-your-head-in-the-sauna kind of heat.   A make-you-crazy, claw-at-your-skin, pull-your-hair-out kind of heat.  And unfortunately for us poor souls living in the lojman, this heat is inescapable because we're being deprived of air-conditioning.  I don't know what I did in a previous life to deserve this punishment, but truly I feel like I'm dying a slow death.  As I write this I'm watching parts of my body melt into a puddle under the computer.  And I feel like my brain has shrivelled into the likeness of a walnut.  In fact, if I shake my head, I'm sure I can hear it clack around inside my skull...  To make matters worse, we were even without electricity for much of yesterday, which meant not even a fan to ease the suffering.  Of course, poor little Kaya is feeling it too.  He has an angry looking heat rash covering most of his torso with spots on his face and head as well.  He can't sleep.  He doesn't want to eat.  He's cranky.  How much more of this I can endure, I have no idea, but for sure if I had some kind of transportation to get us out of here we'd be camping out in the closest shopping mall.