Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Face!

Well, it took approximately 2 minutes to finish the little doll's face.  Another reason to love the simplicity of Waldorf-inspired dolls!

The hardest part was choosing the colour thread!  I didn't have the exact colour I wanted for the eyes and I didn't want to buy new thread for the sake of about 20 centimetres so I grabbed some too dark blue and some bright dark green thread, twisted them together and created blue-green eyes.

I had a similar problem with the mouth.  I had only bright red and bright pink thread which would be entirely too .... bright!  So I grabbed the pink, and some light brown, twisted them together and wah-lah! - the result was a much more 'manly' lip colour.

Now for some clothes.  Afterall, as Ky keeps reminding me "çok soğuk! bebek jacket!" (translated: "Very cold! Baby jacket!")


Kate said... [Reply]

Looking good colette!