Sunday, May 8, 2011

Construction Technique

As you will have noticed from the pictures in my Mother's Day post yesterday, we're having a new fence built out the front of our house.  The fence wasn't on our original renovations list , but since the area manager decided to spend some money on fence maintenance, we decided to use his money to have a fence built to our liking (only having to fork out for the cost of the extra material and not the labour).  The original fence was an ugly green metal thing used everywhere in this neighbourhood.  It was horrible and it offered no privacy but with so many other 'must-do's' on our list, a new fence wasn't really a consideration.  Until now.  Since they pulled down our old fence we thought we may as well get them to lay the foundations for the beautiful, modern fence of our dreams!

We want a 5 foot high fence with horizontal wooden planks on top of a rendered cement base.  Does that make sense?  The wooden part of the fence will look something like this:

or this:

The base and columns around the gate will look something like this

I'm really not sure how it's going to turn out though.  The construction technique is a bit ... interesting:

But however it turns out, our little fellow is really really really enjoying the process with all the equipment lying around the place

and the extra company


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Little boys are so funny! Just make themselves right at home. It's funny how they think they are the same as the big boys! He is so cute having lunch with them. Do they have a word for "smoko" in Turkey?