Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Pants!

I noticed the other day that all Ky's pants seem to have shrunk....!  I thought about letting the hem down on some of the nicer pants so they'd last a bit longer but that thought lasted no more than a nanosecond before I dismissed it as being a tedious and boring thing to do!  Instead, while the newly operational sewing machine is still a novelty to me, I thought I'd make some new pants.   More than a year ago (while I was excitedly waiting for my new sewing machine to arrive....) I found this lovely tutorial over at and have been dying to try it out.  I worried that it was too ambitious for a novice like me but thought "bugger it, I'll give it a go!"  

I decided not to include the lining to make it a little easier on myself.  But that meant altering the instructions which I obviously wasn't very good at doing because I ended up having to use this little thing

a LOT more than I would have liked!

Eventually, even with the help of a certain little boy who climbed on my back, turned the machine on and off, stole my scissors, cut up my material, tipped out my pins, wrapped cotton so tightly around his fingers that they turned purple, hid my quick-un-pick three times, I got the pants done.

There was, however, one mistake that I couldn't be bothered fixing properly:

This messy seam was the result of not attaching the contrasting fabric to the underside of the pants properly (due to my seriously poor skills at altering patterns).  So when the pants are turned up this is what you see.   Not a good look.  Instead of unpicking the whole lot (the quick-un-pick had gone missing AGAIN!) I decided to just trim off the threads and sewed the seam flat.  It turned out okay.  Not exactly professional looking, but not bad.

I really love this colourful fabric!  Do you like the pockets?  I was very impressed with myself for being able to make them, especially the tricky front ones.

And here's the end product being modelled by my little prince.

By the way, what do you think of the "Om" applique I made for his shirt?  Nice hey?


Jess Wood said... [Reply]

Hi Collete,

Beaut pants! A few more tutorials on the web for you - I love Dana's stuff...use it a lot in my sewing.


Basic Kids' Pants:

Kids' Pants with Flat Front:

Kids' Flat Front Pants with Pockets:

Jess Wood said... [Reply]

@Jess Wood

Argh Crap. Sorry - major typo & no delete/edit function! *Colette

gülerdemirci said... [Reply]

colette love this pant.please make for my size:))

Colette said... [Reply]

Thanks so much Jess! Those patterns are really good! Def going to try them out while I have the bug for sewing.

Colette said... [Reply]

:) Sure Guler! A pair for you and Omer coming right up! :)