Friday, May 27, 2011

Snack Time

By now you'll know that our baby doesn't typically eat junk food.  So what does he eat?  A few people have curiously asked what a nutrition-conscious mummy like myself feeds her little one at snack time.

Well.  First of all we don't have set snack times.  We allow Ky to graze all day long.  He loves food. All food.  In fact there's not a single food that he won't eat.  Of course there are foods that we've offered and he's initially spat out in surprise but always on one of the next times we offer the food again, he'll inevitably eat it.  He has no allergies or sensitivities.  And since he was 1 year old when the entire world of food was completely opened to him (at approximately 1 year of age, the immune system is sufficiently developed enough to be able to digest most foods without allergies developing) we have tried hard to offer as many taste sensations as we can find.  Some of his favourite foods include marinated black olives, grilled anchovies, blue cheese, roasted garlic, chickpeas and all kinds of lentils, plain sour yoghurt, watercress (which he collects from the vege garden outside), and dolma (seasoned rice stuffed grape leaves).  He also loves fruit, every kind of fruit, but especially berries and watermelon.  And of course he loves desserts ... unfortunately ...

He eats every meal with us and we never make anything especially for him.  He eats what we eat (in much smaller portions).  In between meals he eats whatever he can get his hands on.  On the rare occasions we have junk food in the house (such as tahin helva or dark chocolate), we keep it well hidden and out of reach, so whatever he can see he can have.  By the way, we never buy biscuits, cakes, chips, soft drinks, fruit juice, flavoured yoghurts or lollies anyway, so keeping junk food away from him at home is not really an issue.  For drinks he mostly has water, but he also loves kefir and ayran (plain yoghurt mixed with water) and herbal tea (which I make according to his state of health or emotion.  For example, if any of us get a bit sniffly, I'll make an immune-boosting tea, or if it's late afternoon and I want Ky to start settling down for bed, I might make a calming tea).

When we go out, I always pack a little snack pack for him with foods that can easily be eaten without making too much of a mess.  Typically, the snack pack will include a container of mixed sun-dried fruit.  A piece of fresh fruit or a container of mixed, sliced fresh fruit.  And a container of raw veges and raw cheese.  Sometimes I'll throw in a boiled egg or a couple of pieces of dolma or even a chicken drumstick.  Depending on what we've got on hand.  Oh, and there's always a bottle of water too.

This is what we took with us when we went on a day trip out of the city earlier this week.  Clockwise from top: a container of sliced tomato and cucumber, cubed goat's cheese, and black and green olives; a boiled egg; a container of sliced apple and strawberries; a container of sun-dried apricots,  figs and grapes, and hazelnuts; a bottle of water.
So there you have it.  One of the reasons why Ky is a happy, healthy, rosey-cheeked, energetic little boy.