Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! Anneler Günü Kutlu Olsun!

Happy Mother's day!  To celebrate mother's day today, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast on our front patio.

Some notes about the photos:

1. The construction mess is due to our area manager deciding that we needed a new fence.  Of course we're making the most of this decision (without needing to spend our own money) by encouraging the labourers to make a little change here and a little change there and add a bit here and remove a bit there, so in the end the fence will better suit our needs and tastes.   Unfortunately it's taking several weeks, lots of tea service, and quite a bit of inconvenience to get the job done.  I'll keep you updated on the progress.

2. Before they ripped up the old fence, we actually had a border of living trees fronting our house.  Now, not so much...

3. Yep, my hair is red.  I've never had red hair before but think I kinda like it. 

4. Kaya is pointing at the ground because that's where he'd rather be than being smothered in mummy's kisses.  Lately he hasn't been as receptive to kisses as before.  The other day when I gave him a big smooch on the nose he screwed up his face and said, "Mummy, no! Piss (the turkish word for dirty).  Little kiss here okay" and he pointed to his cheek.  My baby's growing up.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Happy mothers day! Looks like a lovely breakfast - enjoying the sunshine. Macy and patch smothered me with kisses yesterday - such little beauties. Now I just have to teach Oliver. Post some pics of the new fence once it's built.